Antihistamine Sleep Aid Danger

How would you like to experience intermediate blurred vision, constipation, urinary retention, dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of coordination, and continual dry throat and mouth? Sounds great doesn’t it! Well that’s just some of the wonderful side effects you can look forward to when using over the counter antihistamine sleep aids, according to the labels of many popular brands.

Other concerns associated with using over the counter medications and prescriptions can include rebound insomnia, withdrawal symptoms, various physical side effects, dependency, drug tolerance, and negative interactions with other drugs or chemicals in your system.

These chemical remedies may seem the easiest and quickest way to solve their sleep problems, but the problem is that the causes of insomnia are very complex, and different for every person. A quick fix pill solution can be a very appealing answer for many people, unfortunately, insomnia meds won’t cure your sleep problems, and they can very often exacerbate the issue over the long haul.

If you absolutely have to pop a sleeping pill because you are traveling, or perhaps in a great deal of pain, and absolutely have to get some sleep, then pay close attention to the kind of medicine you choose, and take only when absolutely necessary. Place more emphasis on making your sleep habits and sleep environment more conducive to sleep, and you’ll do much better in limiting the effects of insomnia in your life.

The bottom line…

If you absolutely must use meds like a antihistamine sleep aid, then make sure you educate yourself about the drugs available, the possible side effects, and interactions with other drugs you are taking. Make sure to start with small doses and increase gradually, according to your doctors instructions. Closely monitor your body’s reaction and any side effects you may be experiencing. Try not to use every day, but rather intermittently in order to increase effectiveness and decrease side effects. Most importantly, consult with your doctor and ask for his advice.

Creating a peaceful environment to naturally wind down your body’s nervous system and brain functions is by far, the best way to begin experiencing deep and peaceful sleep. Explore non-med possibilities such as ambient aids or herbal remedies, and create a better, more content life for yourself.

Use Antihistamines For Your Wheat Allergy Symptom

Antihistamine drugs are used to prevent many things like nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, sedation, and to treat itching that is result of allergies such as with a wheat allergy symptom.

One common class of antihistamines is Promethazine, which is a generic class of drugs. Promethazine has been tested with a variety of allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, itching nose, sneezing, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, hives, or skin rash. Any of these could be a wheat allergy symptom.

Other names for Promethazine included Promethean, Phenergan, and Phenadoz. When you suffer with a wheat allergy symptom there is a good chance that your Doctor will recommend this drug because it is so good at reducing symptoms. Of course eliminating wheat from your diet is the ultimate goal to treat your wheat allergy symptom.

If you suffer from a wheat allergy symptom your doctor is likely going to prescribe a drug such as Promethazine. In some countries such as Switzerland or the UK it is available over the counter. An antihistamine will reduce itching and swelling. It is also useful for treating hay fever.

When taking an antihistamine like Promethazine you may experience some symptoms such as drowsiness. You should not drive or operate equipment or perform tasks that require alertness or concentration. You may experience blurred vision, dizziness, dry mouth, or mild confusion. A small price to pay for relief form that wheat allergy symptom.

If you prefer to get to the root of the problem of your wheat allergy symptom consider removing wheat from your diet. You may think this is easy but it is rather a daunting task as wheat is in many of the products we eat. However, it doesn’t hurt to start small and gradually increase the number of wheat products you eliminate from your diet.

In the mean time your Doctor will likely suggest you continue taking your antihistamines to reduce or eliminate your wheat allergy symptom. Isn’t it time you stopped suffering? There are plenty of solutions such as Promethazine so why not get relief?

Claritin Antihistamine

Hay fever is one of the most common forms of allergies. It affects millions of people every summer. People who suffer from these seasonal allergies are generally allergic to pollen. Symptoms usually begin to appear in the early spring when the leaves start to appear on the trees and it can last through fall. Sometimes people will mistake the symptoms for the common cold, however cold symptoms usually last a week or 2, while allergy symptoms won’t go away.

There are many medications available to treat seasonal allergies. Of these many treatments, Claritin is the most popular. Since there is no cure for allergies, Claritin works by treating the symptoms. It’s an antihistamine which means blocks histamine. This may see obvious, but histamine is the chemical that causes nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose and other allergy symptoms. Therefore by blocking histamine, you can control your allergies.

Side effects

Like any medicine Claritin has a few side effects that you should be aware of. People usually experience higher blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels and an elevated heart rate. These can be some of the most dangerous side effects, so if you experience any of them, make sure you consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The options are limitless

Most people take Claritin in pill form; however Claritin eye allergy relief drops are also available. These are epically helpful if your eye allergies are especially bad. While they only work on your eye allergy symptoms, the benefit of using eye drops is that they work right away. This is because it’s applied directly to the source of the affected area.


Remember, Claritin isn’t only for seasonal allergies. It’s an effective treatment for any type of airborne allergies. For example it can also be effective for people who are allergic to dog or cat dander.

If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, relief is available. Claritin is a safe antihistamine that has helped people who suffer from allergies find relief. It has been used by kids and adults alike.